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Lakehaven Leak Adjustment Request Form

  1. Lakehaven Water and Sewer District
    31627 1st Avenue S
    P.O. Box 4249
    Federal Way, WA 98063-4249
    Federal Way: 253-941-1516
    Tacoma: 253-927-2922
    Fax: 253-839-9738
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  3. Describe where the water leak was located and what steps you took to resolve the problem? e.g. "Toilet in master bath was leaking, replaced toilet."
  4. Leak Adjustment Information
    If you are signed up for auto-pay please call Customer Service 253-941-1516 to avoid excess charges.

    Adjustment Calculations: 50% of the difference between the actual CCF (100 cubic feet) of water billed and the “averaged” CCF of water consumed during the same billing period of the previous year – not including the base rate.

    Adjustment Period:Maximum 3 billing cycles. One leak adjustment allowed every 2 years.
  5. Return Your Request
    Return your request along with any receipts that support your entitlement to this leak adjustment via one of the following options:
    (This information can be found at the top of the form)
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