Can I get a leak adjustment if I had a leak on my property?

The Board of Commissioners adopted updates to the District’s Leak Adjustment Program at the July 14, 2016 regular meeting. With these updates, customers repairing leaks in their service lines or home plumbing systems may apply for a leak adjustment no more than once in a two-year period. In order to be eligible, customers will be required to repair the leak within 60 days of the discovery of the leak and submit evidence of the repair. As proof, the District will require detailed receipts for repairs made by third parties (such as plumbers or contractors). For repairs made by customers, the District will require copies of receipts for repair supplies and a sworn declaration from the customer describing the repair, including a description and date of the repair work. To apply for a leak adjustment please complete and submit.

Leak Adjustment Request Form

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3. Can I get a leak adjustment if I had a leak on my property?
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