How is my water bill calculated?
Your water bill consists of two components, a bi-monthly base rate and a charge based on the amount of water you used in the billing period. Water Rates

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1. Why is there an excise tax charge on my bill?
2. Can I pay my bill online and/or set up auto pay?
3. Where can I pay my bill in person or drop off after hours?
4. I am having a technical issue with the online payment system, who can I contact for assistance?
5. How often does Lakehaven Water and Sewer District bill customers?
6. How is my sewer bill calculated?
7. How is my water bill calculated?
8. Why do I have a previous balance on my bill for a property I just purchased?
9. What do I need to do when I sell or purchase property in your district?
10. What do I need to do if I am renting out my property?
11. Can I transfer the bill into my name, if I am the tenant renting the property?
12. Can you help me prorate my renter's portion of their last bill?
13. Why is my bill higher than usual?
14. How do I check for a leak?
15. Can I get a leak adjustment if I had a leak on my property?
16. Do you offer payment assistance for low income customers?
17. How can I make a donation to your Customer Assistance Program?
18. What is the Capital Facilities Charge Capacity Rental Program?