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Posted on: April 1, 2019

Commissioner's Corner (Issue 181)

Have you ever turned on your faucet and wondered what it takes to get water to your home or business? Have you seen Lakehaven vehicles on the streets in your neighborhoods and wondered about the people that maintain the water system and keep the sewers operating so that you can flush your toilet? For me, getting to know these “people” has been one of the greatprivileges of serving on the Board of Commissioners. With that in mind, I thought it might be worthwhile to introduce three of our employees and highlight what they do to keep our systems operating.

Jon Kercher 12076is a Senior Operator and has worked at the District since 2008.His first three years were spent helping to keep our wastewater pump stations operating at peak levels. He then moved over to the treatment plants as a wastewater plant operator. Over the years, he took the classes and obtained the certifications necessary to move up to the Senior Operator level. In this position, he oversees other operators in running the treatment plants. He also coordinates work on new projects at the plants to ensure they are executed according to plan. When asked what he enjoyed most about his job, he responded with excitement and great enthusiasm over the challenges of his day-to-day activities. Simply talking about the daily challenges that he and his fellow operators encounter was enough to make his eyes light up. Jon is married with two girls and enjoys bow hunting in his spare time.

Roger Neigel13478 is a Lead on the Field Maintenance Crew. Roger went to work for Water District 124 in 1980. He started work in field maintenance and has continued in that capacity his entire career. As a lead, he coordinates the different jobs that his crew performs each day. If you see the dump trucks, backhoes, and a crew working around a hole in the ground, you are probably looking at one of Roger’s crews repairing or replacing underground pipe.

He drives the dump truck and operates the backhoe that he tows to and from each job site. When asked what made him interested in this career, Roger reflected that his dad worked for a small water district and would take him on jobs when Roger was five years old. His greatest satisfaction is seeing the system he helped build, mostly underground, operate as planned. What he enjoys the least about his job, understandably, is working in the rain and cold.

10778Stan French is our Water System Manager. He came to us from Idaho in 1990 with a degree in Earth Science/ Geology. His responsibilities have been in water quality and the management of our water supply. He is a licensed hydrogeologist and was particularly involved in the development of our ground water and surface water supply systems. He relates his greatest responsibility as the duty to make sure that the water supply was safe, clean, and drinkable every single day. He enjoyed both the day-to-day operational challenges and overseeing the different water supply projects he manages.

Stan is married and has two grown children. By the time you read this, Stan will have retired from Lakehaven after 29 years of service. Thanks for doing a great job and we wish you well in the future Stan!

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