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Posted on: October 31, 2018

Commissioners' Corner (Issue 178)

Commissioner's Corner Miller

In a track meet, the 400-meter relay is always a great event. Four short-distance runners combine to circle the track going all out for the finish line. One of the most important jobs in this event is to very carefully pass the baton between runners. If done well, you may end up in the winner’s circle. Do it poorly (e.g. drop the baton), however, and you will most certainly not be successful.The analogy here is tha thow well we pass something off to another makes a difference in other parts of our lives.

In recent years we have hired many new employees. Last year alone we hired 16 new employees and this year we will probably end up with eight or nine new hires. Some were hired to replace employees who had retired, some for employees moving on to other jobs, and many simply to allow us to meet the increasing demands of providing reliable water and sewer services. The training that we give our new employees, or those employees moving to new jobs within the District, is a key to our success. Returning to the track analogy, if the training enables them to perform their jobs as well as the employees providing the instruction, we have successfully “passed the baton”. Given that we expect to hire over ninety new employees over the next 15 years, the process of training and passing on knowledge and experience to new employees will continue to be a key to keeping us in the winner’s circle.

The influx of new employees helps to make for an exciting time here. This applies to both new employees and the many long-term employees on our staff. I have noticed that employees in all areas of our operations are getting involved in training new employees and otherwise helping them climb the ladder of experience. By making sure these new employees are properly trained for the jobs we are asking them to perform, we are assuring our customers that we will continue to provide reliable and efficient service into the future.

Lakehaven Water and Sewer District continues to be a great place to work and we encourage interested candidates to look at our job opportunities, both for the excellent pay and benefits and the training and education (including tuition reimbursement and conference participation) we provide. These are meaningful careers: water and sewer service is essential to life and good health.

We strive to be a first-class operation and provide the best service at a reasonable price.The future looks good and we appreciate you as our customers.

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