Turning Off the Utilities If There Is a Leak

When disaster strikes it often affects 1 or more of the utility systems in our homes. Therefore, it is important to know where the main controls are located and when and how to turn them off. It is best to learn these things before disaster strikes. Here are a few helpful pointers.
  • Locate your gas meter and valve and learn to turn off the gas
  • Ensure a wrench is immediately available for turning the meter off in an emergency
  • If you smell natural gas, evacuate immediately. Do not use matches, lighter, open flame appliances or operate electrical switches. Sparks could ignite gas causing an explosion.
  • Shut off gas only if you smell gas or hear a hissing noise. Let the gas company turn the gas back on.
Gas Shut-off
  • Locate your main electrical switch or fuse panel and learn how to turn the electrical system power off.
  • If a generator is used as a backup power supply remember to: Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Connect lights and appliances directly to the generator and not the electrical system.
Breaker Panel
  • Clearly label the water shut off valve and learn to turn off the water supply.
  • Ensure valve can be fully turned off. If a special tool is needed, make sure one is readily available.
  • Shut off the main valve to prevent contaminated water from entering you water heater and plumbing.
Water Shut-off