When a Disaster/Emergency Happens

The next section will give you some tips on how to know when there is an emergency, information about different types of disasters that could happen in the Puget Sound area, and advice on how you can stay safe if and when they do.

How You Will Know When a Disaster Happens

There are different ways that you will find out that an emergency or disaster is happening. Weather warnings will usually be given on television and radio. A "severe weather watch" means that severe weather might develop. A "severe weather warning" means that severe weather has already developed, and that you should seek shelter right away. In other situations, a siren could sound, or you may be contacted by phone. Emergency workers may drive by and give instructions over a loudspeaker, or they might even come to your door. In the meantime, you should listen to radio or television for further emergency information.

Turning Off the Utilities if there is a Leak

How to Disinfect Water

What to do until Help Arrives

Specific type of emergencies/disasters: