Shut Off Valves

The District encourages its customers to know where the shut-off valve is located and label it as an emergency shut off.
  • Clearly label the water shut off valve and learn to turn off the water supply.
  • Ensure valve can be fully turned off. If a special tool is needed, make sure one is readily available.
  • Shut off the main valve to prevent contaminated water from entering you water heater and plumbing.


Newer home installations are typically located in the garage area. The valve would be turned clockwise when closed. Care should be taken when turning the valve off and on, not to use extreme force as damage may occur to the shutoff gate valve.

Older Homes

The older style shut-off valve in most older homes is shut off with the angle rod. Over the years these  valves may not turn easily and could be damaged. If you have one of these valves, the District recommends shutting the water off at the water meter. 

Water Meter Shut Off
Learn how to shut off the water meter using a T shaped wrench or a makeshift wrench.
Water Shut-off