Water Conservation Activities & Community Events

2015 Water Conservation Calendar Poster Contest Winners!
The District, in partnership with the Federal Way Elementary Schools and the local business community, sponsored our annual poster drawing contest to develop a 2015 Water Conservation Calendar. The winning posters are featured art on the calendar and calendars are available through the participating schools as a fund raising project each fall.
2015 Poster Contest Winners

2015 Winning Poster Art

Congratulations to M Callen, 1st Place Winner!
Contest Winners
    L-R 1st Row: Meadow R., Humda K., Shreenidhi S. & Callen M. (1st Place Winner)
    L-R 2nd Row: Nana C., Ashley L., Lauren C., Brittany A., Hannah G., Alex D., Shreeram S., Jessica T., & Nika K.
    L-R 3rd Row: Commissioners Gibson, Nowicki, Miller, Englund & McClain
Community Events
Lakehaven Utility District participates in many community events during the year in order to encourage water conservation. View some pictures of those events.