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We welcome your feedback.  If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the Customer Newsletter, please email Customer Services Manager Jean Gardiner at JGardiner@lakehaven.org or call 253-946-5422.

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July - August 2014


L-R 1st Row: Mayra A., Jessica T., Emma A. (1st Place Winner), Matthew Y., Eugene Y. & Sophie O.
L-R 2nd Row: Emily K., Jenny S., Nicoleta U., Lily T., Lizbeth D. & Geunhyung “G” B.
L-R 3rd Row: Commissioners Miller, Gibson, McClain & Englund

Commissioner's Corner
Ron Nowicki

Thank you for the continued privilege to represent you as a member of the Lakehaven Board of Commissioners.  Serving on the Board since 2006 has been a great experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with my fellow commissioners to oversee the water and sewer utility that provides the services you receive.

Recently, I was able to tour District facilities with a group of first graders from a local school.  As we know well, children ask some amazing and thought-provoking questions, often involving issues and topics that we adults don’t often think about.  Being inspired by their interest in water, I thought I would share some of the interesting facts I have learned about water with you:

  • Approximately 60% of an adult’s, and 75% of an infant’s, body weight is water.

  • You can live approximately one month without food, but only one week without water.

  • 70.9% of the earth’s surface is covered with water; but only 3% is fresh water (the remaining 97% is salty).

  • Of the fresh water, 68.7% resides in glaciers and 30% in aquifers underground. Of all the earth’s water, humans can only use 0.3% directly.

  • There is more water in the atmosphere than in all the rivers on earth combined.

  • Pure water has a neutral Ph, but water dissolves more substances than any other liquid (including sulfuric acid).

  • The US uses about 400 billion gallons of fresh water daily, with 80% going to irrigation and thermo-electric power generation.  (Lakehaven customers use on average about 9 million gallons daily).

  • The average US citizen uses about 100 gallons of water each day, with the largest single use being toilet flushing.   Europeans average about 50 gallons each day per person, and those people living in the Sahara area make do with less than 3 gallons daily.

  • In 1900, 25,500 Americans died of typhoid, a water-borne disease.   Thanks to chlorine treatment, this was reduced to 20 by 1960 (typhoid is rare today).

  • If you drink 8 glasses of water daily from your tap, you will spend less than 50 cents annually.  The same amount purchased as bottled water will cost approximately $1400 each year.

  • If a faucet leaks one drop per second, it will leak 3000 gallons over the course of a year.

  • Water is a component of almost everything we make.  For example; it takes 713 gallons of water to make one cotton tee shirt; 1000 gallons of water to make one gallon of milk; 634 gallons of water for one hamburger; and 39,090 gallons for each new automobile.

Because water is important to us all, we take the job of providing a safe and reliable supply for your uses seriously. We perform a detailed evaluation of our system and future supply requirements in a comprehensive plan that is updated every six years.  Our next report will be available for review and comment this fall.  We are proud to report that we have a very good supply of fresh water; estimated to serve our needs for at least the next 50 years.  With this cushion, we are seeking to use some of our excess supply to serve the water needs of some of our neighbors. Even with an abundant supply, we encourage water conservation and suggest that you check out our garden at Lakehaven Center if you need some ideas on how to landscape with water conservation in mind.



Mike Ming Retires After 28 Years of Service with the District

Pictured above is Mike Ming with Commissioners Miller, McClain, Englund and Gibson, and General Manager John Bowman, receiving his Resolution of Commendation during the May 22nd Board meeting. Mike Ming began his career at the District in May 1986 as an Operator I and continued through to his current position as a Senior Operator at the Redondo WWTP. Congratulations to Mike and best wishes for a long and enjoyable retirement!


Lakehaven Utility District presented awards to local elementary students participating in its 18th annual Water Conservation Poster Contest at the District’s May 22nd Board meeting. The purpose of the contest is to help children understand the importance of water conservation through the development of posters containing a water conservation message. The artwork is featured each year in the District’s Water Conservation Calendar.

Approximately 75 members of the community, including students and their families, teachers and principals attended the Board meeting. There were 526 poster entries submitted from 17 Federal Way Elementary Schools. The poster entries were judged by a panel of five judges and thirteen winning posters were selected to include in the District’s 2015 Water Conservation Calendar.

Board President Tim McClain presented the awards to students. Commissioners Don Miller, Len Englund and Chuck Gibson were also in attendance.

A special “Thank you!” goes to Wild Waves, Shirtz to Go, SKFR Fire Station, Commons Mall, Pattison’s West, Red Canoe Credit Union, Woodstone Credit Union, Costco and Trader Joe’s for their generous donations to the contest winners.

A special “Thank you” also goes out to Puerto Vallarta on SW Campus Dr. and Azteca at the Commons Mall for their donations to our Cinco de Mayo CAP fundraiser.


In an effort to improve the way customer accounts are managed, the District will be embarking on a program to reduce the number of days between the date a customer’s meter is read and the date the corresponding water bill is sent to the customer.  Currently the billing “lag” can run in excess of six weeks.  The goal is to reduce the number of days between the meter reading date and the billing date to fifteen. Getting you the information about your consumption earlier will enable you to better understand your water use patterns (and provide an earlier indication that you might have a leak in your system).  During this transition, billing dates will remain the same.


Lakehaven’s Pipe Cleaning  Demonstration Table
Lakehaven participated in South King Fire & Rescue (SKFR) Scouts Night event for local Boys and Girl Scout troops held on May 14th. In addition to the activities and equipment on display by the Fire Department, Lakehaven joined in on the fun with additional activities, displays, water conservation information and equipment used by the utility.

Your Board of Commissioners

Tim McClain - President
Don Miller
- Vice President
Ron Nowicki - Secretary
Len Englund
- Commissioner
Chuck Gibson - Commissioner

Regular Board of Commissioners meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.
These meetings are held at the Lakehaven Center at:

Lakehaven Center
31531 First Ave. S.
Federal Way at 6 p.m.