Prepare for an Emergency


Lakehaven Water and Sewer District endeavors to keep it's ratepayers informed in the event of an emergency. To view up-to-date information in the event of an emergency please view our ALERTS page or watch for a black bar at the top of your browser while you are on our website. Make sure to refresh the page using your browser's refresh button (or pressing F5) to view the most current information.

Planning & Preparation

How well we fair in the event of an emergency is a result of our planning and preparation for such an event. The links below should be helpful in preparing for and weathering an emergency.
  1. How to Disinfect Water

    There are 3 ways you can safely disinfect water.

  2. Preparation Before a Disaster Happens

    Search through pages of our emergency preparedness guide for items to assist you in an emergency.

  3. Shelf-life of Foods for Storage

    Find some general guidelines for rotating common emergency funds.

  4. Turning Off the Utilities If There Is a Leak

    It is important to know where the main controls are located in your home and when and how to turn them off.